About BigAss Fertilizers

Not your mother or father's fertilizer company, BigAss Fertilizers is the fertilizer division of BigAss Gardens.  Together these two brands eat, breathe, live, and dream everything related to organic home gardening.  Our mission has always been consistent: to provide professional grade 100% organic premium fertilizers direct to grower to help everyone grow absolutely stunning and mouth savoring fruits and vegetables.

Everyone should be able to get their hands on premium nutrients that deliver better fruits and vegetables.  Please note that our rose and flower fertilizers along with our Ludicrous Nutrients line are not organic.  However everything related to edible fruits & vegetables is 100% organic and natural.

Besides helping you grow your absolute best, we also are here on this earth and in our garden with the goal of having as much fun as possible!  Despite the humor in our brand name, we do take organic gardening seriously.  Our primarily focus will continue to be to create a 100% organic line of fertilizers that give all a natural turbo boost to your fruits and vegetables.  We like to say that our fertilizer is like giving a super healthy juice or shake full of macro and micronutrients that your soil and plants crave. 

Our Team Comes from 50 Years of Gardening and Fertilizer Experience

Our team has collectively been in the gardening and fertilizer industry for over 50 years.  A lot of our main factory's clients are large farms throughout the world who are looking for the best nutrients at the best pricing.  We are not short on knowledge and know what is required to grow your absolute best.  From discussions within our own internal chemistry team, we always realized that we could create tailored nutrient formulations for each category of plant (fruit & vegetable) to truly optimize growth, flowering, fruiting, and overall yields of many different types of plants.  We didn't really see anyone in the market offering this degree of fertilizer specialization especially in the organic category.  We realize not everyone is going to want to provide such a tailored approach to their home garden.  But we like options and know that a lot of our clients like options too.  We also have clients who just absolutely love one of our fertilizers

Our Factories and Production

Currently we are partnered with one of Canada's largest and most reputable fertilizer factories.  They have enabled us to successfully distribute our line of all natural fertilizers and nutrients into Canada and the US.  Thanks to their global reach the BigAss Fertilizers brand will be gracing the gardening shelves of Europe and Latin America soon.

First Ever AI Gardening Company

Checkout our TikTok and other social media.  We are doing some really fun experiments with artificial intelligence and gardening. 

Our Best Selling Oscar Winning Fertilizer Product

The BigAss Tomatoes fertilizer was our first slam dunk nutrient and continues to sell out every single season.  So scoop up your nutrients from BigAss Fertilizers before we're wiped out again this year.  Secure your nutrients! 

Feel free to contact us

Happy Gardening and remember we are here to help you in your gardening adventures.  Feel free to contact us - we'd love to hear from you and try to help with any gardening dream or desire.

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