Made my plants strong like Hercules overnight

Lo and behold a monster of a fertilizer. I used this yesterday evening on all of my garden plants, from veggies to herbs. Woke up this morning to absolute sorcery. First off they doubled in size and are developing more stem muscles than a professional wrestler. Plants which previously had trouble surviving transplant in the garden sprung ferociously upright and thickened. And it kickstarted seed sprouting too."

Works wonders!

My tomatoes all had rotten ends and this product turned it all around for me in a matter of a week or two. Haven't had the chance to taste them yet but my plants look happy and healthy again!

Put it on and step back!

I used this on one of my two rows of tomato plants this year as a test and could not believe the difference in the size and production of that row versus the row without this food! Ordering more for next season!

"This sh*t right here is FIRE."

- Eddie V from California

Sir-Mix-A-Lot would be proud!

Emre Yucel from the US

Best Veggie Ferilizer!

Daniel S.

It rescued my dying plants

Ana Perla

Bumper crop expected

Lisa McKenzie

I love big ass plants and I cannot lie

Renee in Canada

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